Oberley Home Portrait

Hey y'all! I was going back through my photos of the past year, and I realized I never showcased this home portrait I finished last summer.

Josh and Samantha Oberley built this house with the help of their family, and I can personally attest that it is truly a beautiful home in the woods built with love.

Here is the photo that I worked from and a rough drawing that started the pattern:

And here is a little time lapse video I made of the cutting process. This was before I did any grinding or foiling, so the pieces don't fit perfectly together, but I try to get as close as possible before grinding!

The plaque is one of my favorite parts because it seems so official, almost like a stamp of authenticity.

And the finished result! Ta-da!

Photo by Katie Weeks Photo

This home was built with love and a great deal of hard work, and I was excited for the opportunity to reflect that in this portrait. I'd love to make one for you or your family :)