New Home, New Studio Space!

Hi Friends! I figured this topic was a good as any to jump start my blog. We bought a new home! It is old. And tiny. But soon it will be bright and airy, and even possibly look like it belongs in the new millennium :)

Our new house celebrated it's 50th birthday this year!

This little charmer is 1067 square feet and has a full daylight basement which will be my new studio. It currently looks like this:

Not all that exciting just yet, and this is a terrible photo, but during the day, it is full of bright light and it will be a great place to work!

Our homestead comes with nearly 28 acres, most of which is wooded. We are so excited for the possibilities this house and land holds! Most of all, we are excited that our daughter has a safe place to run and play like the wildling she is! One day, I would love to build a little cabin in the woods behind the house to hold stained glass workshops.

Jared, Jubilee, I are so beyond blessed to be able to put down roots here!

Here is a little video I made of the house before work officially starts on the remodel next week.

Maybe I will get better at making videos one day :)

We are doing the interior demo ourselves to save a bit of cash, so here is what the kitchen looks like now:

Pretty terrible, right? But it is going to look great in the near-ish future!

And here is my sweet pea helping with demo!

I am so excited about all the work we're doing, and I can't wait to update y'all on the studio progress!

If you're interested in doing some shopping with me for Christmas, I will be at the 2nd Annual Canton Holiday Market at Action Church on November 25th. Here's a link to the facebook event page: I hope you'll come see me, and if you mention this blog post, I will give you 10% off your purchase!